Workshops that deliver transformational Learning

It is said that effective learning originates 70 percent from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events. We worked hard to be relevant in all three areas. Our events are educational, they are highly interactive and they are relevant to your actual work. 

You will experience something that is adjusted to our own wants and needs and circumstances.

We know that each customer is unique, and so are our deliveries!

The Strengths Discovery Experience

A unique, world-class program to help teams understand, value and use their individual talents at work and beyond.

The program is specifically designed to incorporate your concrete business challenges, so that participants go away with clear ideas on how to apply it.

Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles are usually as diverse the Leaders themselves. However, there are common themes.

Leading others is also an art that can be learned. Doing so effectively is usually a combination of three things:

The Personality of the Leader

The situational aspects

The needs and the level of followers

This highly interactive and thought-provoking workshop focuses on situational aspects and follower needs to participants get a real sense of the power of flexing.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

What does coaching do? It builds clarity and awareness and speeds up progress and especially ownership.

There is a reason why coaching is an indispensable part of Senior Executive’s work. When we receive coaching, we often make tremendous shifts in our perspective, helping us master challenges in our own way.

Building Trust in Teams

‘Trust is soft and slow’. Think again. Trust is one of the fastest elements of work. When high trust is present, speed goes up and cost goes down. With low trust, it is just the reverse.

This workshop is designed for teams of up to 12 people. It is an accelerator to help people understand the components of trust and how to use them deliberately. 

Participants will understand and agree on ‘trust non-negotiables’ going forward. This is a ‘norming’ element of the ‘formins>storming>norming>performing’ team building model that is so often overlooked!