Does your kid have a specific ‘obsession’?

This article shares the story of a mother fully leaning into her son’s obsession with garbage trucks. I love that.

The article explains

“Very specific obsessions are common in children—scientists call them “intense interests.” [..] almost a third of all children have an obsession like this at some point, typically between the ages of 2 and 6.”


“Parents should do what they can to support their child’s interest, even if it’s not their own cup of tea.”


“Sustained intense interests, particularly in a conceptual domain like dinosaurs, can help children develop increased knowledge and persistence, a better attention span, and deeper information-processing skills. In short, they make better learners and smarter kids.”

I am excited 

That view is so very aligned with positive psychology and the ideas behind strengths development. We should work and expand on what is there, rather than trying to change people at all cost.

And on a personal note

I will stop questioning my 8-year-old son’s very specific (and very long-lasting!) interest in BMWs. I still won’t buy one, but I decided to take him to a dealership!


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