The most personalized and comprehensive StrengthsFinder resource you can find


Are you puzzled by your Strengthsfinder result and wondering what you can actually do with it? Are you lost with all the terms and tempted to just move on? 

Are you also looking for a simple way to move forward after reviewing the initial reports on the Gallup Strengths Center?

Are you unsure how well you actually use your talents? Are you looking for a way to find out whether you use your dominant themes as strengths or even as weaknesses?

Are you looking for concrete steps on how you can turn your talents into actual strengths? Are you struggling to hold yourself accountable?

You have arrived.

Our experienced, certified Strengths Discovery Coaches have the unique, personalized Strengths Journey Guide at their fingertips to make anyone’s StrengthsFinder coaching experience even more tangible and powerful.

A clear path from Talent Discovery to Building Strengths

The Strengths Journey Guide will be the perfect coaching support resource to provide the red thread to answer all these questions and more.

What can you expect when you hold your very own Strengths Journey Guide in your hands?

It is packed with insights and activities that will lead coaching clients from understanding their own talents to building lasting Strengths.

How do we do this? And how will a coachee benefit?

Every single Guide is completely personalized to a specific client’s Top 5, whatever combination and in whatever order they may be.

You will see that all illustrative pictures in this blog post show the Strengths Journey Guide for our fictitious coachee ‘James Lee’ with his Top 5 themes Learner, Intellection, Individualization, Maximizer and Input. Your own guide will bear your name and will be personalized to your own Top 5. 

What are some of the things you will find in this resource of more than 60 pages?Deep Insights through a treasure trove of personalized information about your Top 5 talents. What are the bright and dark sides of your talents? What do they need to succeed in their environment to unlock their potential? What are their powers and edges? What are the best words to describe them?

Maturity Assessments. We have created additional self-reflection tools to help anyone understand how well they actually use their talents. We have made the experience that too many people who take the StrengthsFinder assessment believe that it is a validation of what they are already good at. Far from it. We will help you understand how raw or mature you may be in using your talents (through self and peer review), so we can focus on the right areas when deciding on actions during coaching sessions.

Action Guide. Many people are not sure where to even start investing in their talents (granted, this may not apply to people with Activator). Our guide provides a rich starting point to help anyone figure out how they could invest in their talents in the most productive way. This step is key to maturing Talent into Strength. Talent alone is not enough; it takes hard work to succeed. We will help you invest in the right talents in the right way.

Strengths Journal. Our ambition is to achieve long-term positive impact in all our clients. Lasting change happens over time and needs continuous effort and attention. Our coaches help anyone build new habits around their Strengths by guidance through a Journal.

We created your guide to be an absolutely indispensable and personalized resource so you can fully capitalize on your Clifton StrengthsFinder results.

You will recognize it as a creative evolution of the vast information available on the web covering StrengthsFinder themes. We combined it with innovative and unique resources such as our Talent Maturity assessments and Strengths Journal. Our Strengths Coaches will use its rich information resources and activities to help every client understand their own talents and applying them productively and sustainably.

So what makes the Strengths Journey Guide different to any other StrengthsFinder resource on the market?


We know that every Coaching client is fundamentally different. We believe that our Coaching Resources had to be as unique as each of our clients.

After all, the true power of Gallup’s fantastic StrengthsFinder assessment was always its capability to describe any individual to a great degree and accuracy by using its varied 34 talent themes.

The Strengths Journey guide builds on this individualization strength and takes it to the next level with an unmatched level of personalisation.

We have learned that the chance for anyone to meet someone with the exact same Top 5 profile is about 1:32 million.

In the same way, there are more than 32 million possible variants of the Strengths Journey Guide!

As our client (through personal, corporate or group coaching) you will receive your very own personalized Strengths Journey Guide included in any package, to provide you with a clear path from Talent Discovery to Strengths Maturity.

So how will YOU use your unique version of the Strengths Journey Guide?

We believe that the true value of such an amazing resource will be unlocked only together with a Strengths Coach. Therefore, the Strengths Journey Guide will be an essential part of every Coaching Conversation. The guide is not available separately, but will be a resource that every one of our clients will have access to at no additional cost, in electronic format (pdf) and as a printed book.

Do you want to find out more and get a sample of this exciting resource? Let us know at!


Lead Coach and Trainer @ Strengths Discovery