The Strengths Discovery Workshop

The exciting, transformative experience – designed to unlock the true diversity in your team

You want your team members to access and value all their resources and strengths.

 Is your Team currently a collection of individual stars who do not yet fully tap into each other’s resources?

Are you wondering how you can make your team perform as a unit comprising complementary strengths?

Do you observe that the diversity in your team is not visible in debates, ideas, and experiments? Are you concerned with ‘group-think’?

 Do you observe unnecessary misunderstandings and avoidable conflicts, likely due to different styles and behaviors among team members?

 Are you concerned with the level of engagement in the team? Do you want to help them perform and grow in their very own natural and individual way?

Above all, do you simply know that this team has so much more to give, but you are at a loss at how to make their resources accessible and sustainable?

We help your team activate and use its amazing diversity of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Imagine what’s possible in a Strengths-Based Team where team members know and understand each others strengths and weaknesses.


Imagine a team where team members understand and value each others’ extreme character traits.

Imagine that your team members know how to complement each other and feel safe to reach out for support.

Imagine a team where members can confidently talk about their best and most exciting way to add value to their common goal.

 Imagine a team where members have clear language to share what they are best at and what they struggle with.

Imagine a team where members have their own unique strengths-based personal development plan to grow in their own way.

Imagine a team culture where strengths-based principles are part of regular 1-1s between Manager and Team Member.

Can You Imagine the IMPACT?

In fact, Gallup published a large-scale Strengths Meta-Analysis in 2015 on the relationship between strengths-based development and business performance outcomes.

In that study, they covered 49,000 Business/Work units, more than 1.2 million employees and 45 countries.


Business Units achieved performance increases of up to 

7% in Customer Engagement

15% in Employee Engagement

29% in Profit

Business Units showed decreases of up to 

59% in Safety Incidents

16 points in Turnover (Low-Turnover Organizations)

72 points in Turnover (High-Turnover Organizations)

Our Strengths Workshops follow a simple, but powerful model to ensure that Learning sticks

The A3 Workshop Model – Designed for for the Real Business World

Progress always starts with Awareness. We help our Workshop Participants understand themselves and their team members. Participants will go away with clear language understanding their talents and strengths.
In the second step, we help workshop participants to fully appreciate and accept their talents as they are. Talents can show up as strengths and weaknesses. Participants will go away with a clear sense how well they have developed their own talents.
The core of the A3 model is to help people turn their insight into action. It is vital that participants have a clear idea of how they manage weaknesses and further invest in their strengths. Participants will have ample opportunity to apply their strengths to real-life business scenarios, alone and on team-level.

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