We use the Clifton StrengthsFinder®

What are the unique extremes that define your personality and character?

We help you understand what makes you stand out and use these insights in all areas of your life.

What is Possible?

You have your StrenthsFinder Results.

Now What?

Do you want to develop your own area of excellence?

Do you want to confidently share what makes you stand out?

Do you want to build teams of cognitively diverse people who understand each other’s needs and gifts?

Can you say without hesitation what makes you stand out and different?


‘So what are you good at?’ ‘And what are your weaknesses?’
Do you find yourself stumbling at these questions?


We use the well-recognized Clifton StrenghtsFinder instrument to give you a clear sense of how you naturally think, feel and behave.


With this key awareness and knowledge, we identify your natural areas of excellence and help you use your dominant strengths in all areas of life.


We help you aim your talents and strengths at concrete goals, no matter whether they are of personal, work, family or community nature.

What are we really great at?

Joshua Koh, Certified Strengths Coach

Joshua’s Top 5 Strengths

Taking ownership. Commitment, ownership, loyalty

Give routine and structure. Creating Order

Sees the links in everything. ‘There are no coincidences!’

Enjoying close and lasting relationships. Works hard with others.

Stimulates excellence. Focus on the best!

Maik Schröer, Certified Strengths Coach

Maik’s Top 5 Strengths

Must always improve. Learning is its own reward.

Deep thoughts leading to lasting solutions.

Sees and uses the uniqueness in everything. Customizes!

Excellence is what counts. Loves turning good into great!

Endless resources. ‘I have something for this..’

We are a team of experienced Strength Coaches.


We help people and organizations understand what they are great at and truly build excellence on that knowledge.


We recognized that awareness and clarity on own talents and skills are pivotal to moving forward. Surprisingly few people can articulate their own talents and strengths well.


We are passionate at giving individuals and teams the mental toolkit to make a remarkable difference in their life. 

Our Services

StrengthsFinder Team Workshops

Leadership Style Workshops

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Team Performance Acceleration

We help teams understand and apply their unique combination of strengths.

Delivered by expert certified StrengthsFinder Coaches and Facilitators.

We help Leaders understand their natural Leadership Style and how to flex appropriately to situation and follower need.

A focused half-day workshop experience that can be immediately applied.

Build Trust with stakeholders.

Understand your impact.

Make radical progress on your goals.

Leave a positive legacy.

We partner with your team to turn something strong into something superb.

We accelerate performance through direct feedback, problem-solving, deliberate practice.

Some of our Customers and Partners

I loved finding out different talents in the team and how to apply them. It was so easy to relate to the talents listed. Especially the grid helps me to better understand how others think, what they value, so that I can respond accordingly. Thank you!!’ Leader at PayPal Singapore, February 2017

I found it so nice how we slowly opened up as the workshop progressed. The pace and activities helped in that a lot. It was learning through a fun way and I took away so many aha moments to help my conversations move forward. Leader at SAS Singapore, Jan 2017

Please keep doing this! I hope you will help even more people understand themselves and other people better through their strengths, to make our work a much better place! Workshop Participant at Strumms, Feb 2017

This Leadership Styles program in our PDS (Professional Development Series) was a very good Workshop…really one of the best. This Course is what a lot of employers will pay a lot to send employees to. Covers a lot of very relevant leadership styles ideas. Maik is a very good instructor and speaker!” Master Postgraduate at SMU, March 2018

This Leadership Styles workshop was so useful for me to excel further in the management field and build Leadership skills. And being an introvert, I always felt I cannot be a Leader. But this experience and the ideas discussed here are very new and encouraging! Thank you so much!!” Master Postgraduate at SMU, March 2018

Maik is a wonderful trainer and coach. Calm, composed, very to the point, full of great, applicable examples. He had a lot of knowledge and experience to share, and was able to present form a point of view of eBay culture! And all that while he had a very senior group of leaders from the region with many different viewpoints. He was still always open to listening and helping move the conversation forward. Senior Leader eBay, March 2018

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